The Ideal Amount Of Aquarium Decor

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Published: 17th August 2015
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The aim of designing your aquarium with fish tank decor is simply to develop that wonderful theme which you can be happy about and show off to all your visitors. However when creating that ultimate theme, you will also want to consider the safety and comfort of your fish as well. Your theme or design will need to improve the lives of the fish and should never at all cause them stress.

In case you are inexperienced in the activity, it is not uncommon to be over enthusiastic with regards to purchasing fish tank decors and putting them inside the aquarium. You will wish to have a design that looks complete in accordance with the image you have got in your mind. If you are producing a Pirate concept for example, you might desire having everything that portrays the design for example the pirate ship, loot, booty trunk, caves, skeletons and pirates. Nevertheless overdoing the ornaments might endanger the fish.

What Makes Over Decorating Affect The Fish?

The primary trouble that a large amount of decorations bring about is that they might minimize swim area. Fish need space to swim. The aquarium is a small confined tank of water that already does not supply ample swim space, regardless how huge you imagine yours is. If you begin packing the aquarium with figurines and sunken warships, the space will get even tinier and less cozy.

Having a lot of decorations will also lessen the amount of water which you have in there. Inadequate water means that there is inadequate of a buffer to contain impurities and your water would need more regular changing. A lower quantity of water might also make it harder to control the chemical balance and temperature.

The limited quantity of swim space can be even graver for territorial fish for instance Betta and Cichlids. These will cause them to aggressively attack for territory and where there exists a winner, there will always be an injured loser.

Finally, when swim room is small, fish have the tendency to scrape against the tank decor which can lead to personal injury and sores.

The Best Way To Minimize The Aquarium Decorations

The key is always to have enough components that should make your best design but without jeopardizing the fish in any way.

The first form of aquarium decoration any fish tank requires is a cave or hiding hole. No matter what design you plan to end up having, often there is an ornament that you could employ for this purpose. These might be pirate caves, sunken ships, pagodas, shrines, houses and more. Hiding holes are a vital part of any tank. They provide your fish with a remote spot to escape when they feel stressed by a lot of human or fish attention.

When picking your hiding hole, decide on one that would not require a lot of space. Its also wise to look at the gaps and openings, along with how much space is there inside it. This is to make sure that the fish that gets inside will be able to easily leave and not get stuck in there. After deciding on your cave, you can now evaluate if there is adequate space for other figurines.

There is no fixed amount of stuff that you can possess. You would have to play by eye, for this one. As a rule of thumb which I stick to:

Little aquariums should have only one fish tank decoration. This should be the right cave or hiding hole. Nothing else.

Medium sized tanks can have one cave and one or two smaller figurines to accompany it.

Huge tanks could have more according to the size of the tank. So long as they are appropriately spaced out, producing small territorial boundaries, they should be fine.

Aquarium decoration can make a perfect item for your living area. They can be exciting to put together as long as you keep the safety and comfort of your fish in your mind. Make sure you have a look at more aquarium enhancing tips at Cool Fish Tank Filters today.

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