Aquarium Themes Using Fish Tank Tank Decors

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Published: 08th April 2015
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When you initially get engaged in the pass time of keeping fish and begin your very first aquarium, you will probably have tossed together a number of random fish tank decor. These could have been generic aquarium decor for instance rocks or fake plants, and maybe an decoration or two. But eventually you might prefer to create an original aquarium concept which you could be satisfied with.

The reason for designing an aquarium design is not so much for the fish but more for your own personal pleasure. I'm positive the fish might value the little hiding hole or perhaps multi-colored items to frolic in the water around but for the most part, they will not appreciate the bother of designing and arranging shipwrecks, pirates and caves.

Before racing into the nearest pet store or searching an online retail store, it is best that you determine what sort of theme you want to design your fish tank decorations around. You will discover basically a huge selection of concepts that one could choose from ranging from the popular to the down right zany. These comprise of Shipwrecks, Pirates, Asian, Cartoon, Holidays and more.

What we'll do here is consider five of the most interesting aquarium designs that use fish tank ornaments which might be simple to buy which will not burn a hole in your wallet. These types of themes are generally simple to start up but will provide you with an amazing work of art that you could be happy with.

In all of our aquarium styles, we are going to be looking at including three factors to the aquarium design making use of three kinds of aquarium decor; the cave, the ornament and the backdrop. For the cave, we will be considering any big ornament with a hole in it that will allow your fish to swim inside when they have to. It is very important to decide on a cave big enough to accommodate any of your fish or else the larger ones could get stuck inside and die.

1. The Pirate Style

The Pirate Theme is a really great theme to start of with. There are numerous Pirate aquarium decorations that you will be able to come across and you will be spoilt for choice. The first feature is the cave. There are basically two varieties of caves that I have noticed sold. One is a Pirate Ship. It will be possible to get vessels with a sizable hole in its side as if it has been blown up by a cannon. The 2nd kind is a replica of a cave that Pirates hide their treasure in. Just about the most remarkable that I have found is a Skull Mountain cave which an enormous skull over a cave mouth. For the decorations, you may choose either skeletal pirates or live pirates. You can also add on a chest of gold to enhance the effect. For the background, you would need a seaside or island scene. These create the perfect backdrop for a Pirate Theme.

2. The Spongebob Theme

The Spongebob Squarepants cartoon has long been taking the world by storm for the past few years. Just about everywhere you go, you can find some knick knack, gadget or ornament depicting the little yellow sponge that resides under the ocean. What might make this cartoon best as an aquarium design is that the premise for the entire cartoon is life underwater. Spongebob aquarium decor are one of the most colorful and fun. For the cave you have four main alternatives. The 1st is a Pineapple House which should go with a figurine of Spongebob. The second is an Easter Island Head House which should go with a figurine of Squidward, Spongebob's neighbour. The 3rd is a hollow rock with a opening that ought to go with a figurine of Patrick Starfish, Spongebob's closest friend. The final one is The Krusty Krab which should go with a figurine of Mr Krabs, Spongebob's employer. In case you have never seen the cartoon, I would suggest watching it first before designing the style. However I promise, if you have kids, they will enjoy it.

3. The Asian Style

This is yet another well known aquarium design. What makes it well known is that the theme depicts scenes from Asian natural scenery or Asian life and makes an extremely unique design. The cave used in an Asian style is generally a big rock like decoration created to look like a mountain or a hill. Small fake plants are place on the rock to enrich the natural look and usually it would also have a small structure for example a home or a temple on it. In most cases, merely using this big rock is good enough because it simply appears very complete. However if you have a big aquarium, you may add on extra ornaments for example imitations of wooden homes, pagodas, shrines or bridges. Just don't overdo it or it can look peculiar. Nowadays you can even get unique Asian aquarium decor such as Cambodian temple ruins and Buddhist statues which appear awesome in the tank. The ideal background will be one from an Asian scenery.

4. The Shipwreck Theme

The Shipwreck Style is most likely one of the simplest styles to construct because it typically requires just one ornament, the shipwreck. There are two main styles of shipwreck aquarium decor sold currently, a whole ship or a ship broken in two parts. You would get the entire ship in case you have a small or medium aquarium. If you have a large tank, get the one in two parts. You would place these apart with 1 piece in a slight angle for a better effect. The good thing is you do not need any other decorations with this style, merely possibly some rocks and plants. The background would be merely a normal fish tank backdrop of an underwater scene. If you want an item more unique compared to this, you can now get wrecks of planes and submarines instead of ships.

5. The Castle Style

This is also another standalone, which means all you need is the castle and no additional decors. The castles are beautifully designed and makes an excellent theme for your little princess. If you do choose this theme, try to get a castle with openings in them to act as a cave for your fish. Most of the castles I have seen are solid ornaments that contain no holes and don't give the fish their essential hiding hole.

These are five of the best and simplest aquarium themes you can design with a budget virtually anybody can afford.

There are still many more interesting designs that you could select from. For a more complete guide to designing your aquarium using great aquarium decor proceed to Cool Fish Tank Decorations at

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