Tim Kessler


The Ideal Amount Of Aquarium Decor

17th August 2015
The aim of designing your aquarium with fish tank decor is simply to develop that wonderful theme which you can be happy about and show off to all your visitors. However when creating that ultimate theme, you will also want to consider the safety and comf... Read >

Constructing Spectacular Caves From Fish Tank Decoration

17th August 2015
Caves constructed from fish tank decor are necessary. I've emphasized this many times in the past that I have been creating aquarium ideas and I feel I can't emphasize it adequately. With the selection of fish tank decors offered retailed now, it's rather... Read >

Sunken Vessels In The Aquarium

26th June 2015
Among the earliest kinds of aquarium decors, after rocks and plants definitely, are sunken ships. And it is easy to realize why. After you think about it, in nature sunken vessels over decades have made the ideal base for corals to prosper and established... Read >

Keeping Your Aquarium Decors Nice And Clean

08th April 2015
You've put in all of that time and cash producing that great fish tank concept with the perfect fish tank ornaments you can find. After all that effort you now own a fish tank which you can certainly be proud of, one which you relax in front of daily to w... Read >

Aquarium Themes Using Fish Tank Tank Decors

08th April 2015
When you initially get engaged in the pass time of keeping fish and begin your very first aquarium, you will probably have tossed together a number of random fish tank decor. These could have been generic aquarium decor for instance rocks or fake plants, ... Read >